Accredited Investor & Net Worth

Patrick Schwerdtfeger is an “accredited investor” in the United States and invests his money using the same technology trend insights that he uses for his ongoing research efforts and, by extension, his keynote speaking presentations. Patrick earns over 90% of his regular non-investment income from speaking fees. He’s been a full-time professional speaker since 2007 and has spoken at hundreds of government and corporate conferences all around the world. Although his financial allocations vary from month to month, his primary investment strategies include:

Algorithmic Trading

Patrick has about 30% of his assets in a “black box” algorithmic trading platform that includes six independent algorithms, each designed to profit in different market conditions, resulting in uncorrelated returns for investors. The algorithms trade futures contracts in the E-minis market (ES futures on the S&P 500) as well as TY futures in the treasury market (7-10 year bonds). The platform takes trades almost every day, and the resulting gains and losses are volatile, but the platform has definitely been profitable over time.

Long-Term Investments

Technology will define the future, so Patrick Schwerdtfeger reinvests profits from other investment strategies into high-potential technology companies as recommended by the Motley Fool Stock Advisor. This service is well funded with thousands of paying customers, so they have an enormous incentive to deliver well-researched stock picks to their members. Rather than buying these recommendations blindly, Patrick evaluates each stock from a technical analysis perspective and invests only in those exhibiting bullish characteristics.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Patrick has profit-sharing relationships with professional swing traders in the cryptocurrency markets. Before directional trades are initiated, these traders hedge a channel with calls and puts, allowing aggressive trading within the channel. Positions are taken based on support and resistance levels within the previous 24 or 48 hours, with the 50% midpoint representing the “reversion to the mean” central point of action. The enormous volatility in cyrptocurreny markets allows for high win-rates on these trades.

Cash Flow Rental Properties

Patrick is an advocate for positive cash flow rental properties. Different real estate markets tend to deliver either value appreciation or positive cash flow, but rarely both. Any investor can do a quick Google search to find the “best positive cash flow rental markets” or the “fastest appreciating real estate markets” and quickly get assessments from experts in the field. The more important consideration is to have reliable property management solutions who charge between 8% and 10% of total rental income.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger does not disclose his personal net worth but that may change in the future. In these volatile times, valuations vary dramatically from one day to the next, and Patrick is just beginning to build his portfolio. After becoming self-employed in October 2002, he struggled financially for years before finally getting traction in 2011. It took a few more years after that to repay credit card debts and personal loans, so his investing strategies only took on significance after 2014. Please contact us if you have any questions about Patrick’s investment strategies.