Patrick maintains a video blog entitled Strategic Business Insights which covers a wide variety of business and personal development topics. It will quickly provide examples of his topical focus as well as his approach and delivery.

A big thank you for participating in our Summit this past week! I continue to receive high praise for your presentation. I was impressed that you spent quality time preparing up front, as well as engaging with our licensees for the day. That preparation really allowed the presentation to come to life for the agricultural sector and made the speech all the more relevant to the audience of licensees.

Andy Higgins, CEO, International Food Genomics (IFG)

Thank you again for a great event! I’m still receiving calls from folks that attended wondering when we’ll have you in town again. The tips and tricks that they took away were “priceless” and many can’t wait to implement them. I too took much away from the event. The products we sell are fully capable of providing the features needed to put your ideas to work right away for the customer. Many of my reps are already using your ideas to help sell our products. I’d almost say that we gained more from the event than our customers. But after some of the calls I have received, I’d say it’s a tossup.

Brian Gray, SMB Manager, Comcast Business Class

We have truly had rave reviews about him, and I believe he is absolutely the best speaker we have had during the series. He provided exactly the kind of information our small business members needed – easy-to-understand, easy-to-do social media tips with excellent case studies to really bring the ideas alive.

Laura L. Williams, Charleston Regional Chamber of Commerce

Patrick Schwerdtfeger is the most mesmerizing speaker I’ve ever encountered. His uncanny talent to explain complex business concepts utilizing digital social media in such a simple, easy to understand format is impressive. Patrick is genuine and fun!

Betty Tam, MetLife Financial Services

Patrick’s presentation regarding leveraging social media with our broker advisory council was outstanding. He is very professional, provided useful and valuable points and examples that can be quickly applied to today’s business environment. Working with social media can be overwhelming for some and Patrick had a way of demonstrating how easy it can be and what possible results can be had when his techniques are applied. Our senior executives were very engaged and have asked Patrick to speak to our corporate marketing team.

Kate Moher, National VP of Broker Strategy, United Healthcare

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation last month. Your delivery was so engaging that I lost track of time. By any measure, you are a very effective speaker and educator

Mitzy Russom, Blue Shield of California

The session on social networking prompted me to look more deeply into using iTunes as another vehicle for providing though leadership about my prac­tice. I am seriously looking into this and planning to FINALLY actively use at least iTunes to get more visibility to the Bay Area Consulting Group LLC and our deep expertise in IT management.

Harry Chap­man, BACN founder

I learned that I had underestimated the power of YouTube and its rightful place at the Big Kids table of social media. It is in fact now part of the Big Four: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn AND YouTube.

Kerry Rego, Kerry Rego Consulting

WOW! Patrick Schwerdtfeger presented a one-hour energy Social Media workshop packed with scores of tips and tricks to create social media success. He motivated me to take action and create Executive Coaching YouTube videos to attract more clients.

Dr. Maynard Brusman

Patrick did a great job of presenting the core information about Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. The material was all familiar to me, but I appreciated his arrangement of these four social networks as spokes around the hub of your blog. What stuck with me most was the advantage of going where your prospects already are, rather than struggling to build up traffic on your own website.

Sal­lie Goetsch, The Podcast Asylum

My take-away from Patrick’s lively, easy-to-follow presentation was his emphasis on the integration of social with your marketing strategy. I especially liked the tips on using YouTube. Very smart.

Susan Bercu, Graphic Design & Illustration

The content of the presentation was thought-provoking and useful. The speaker was very knowledgeable, and I definitely intend to use the information to position and promote my business services in a more effective manner.

David Weissman, Bay Area Paralegal Services

Everything in the presentation seemed so practical that I wanted to learn it in a step-by-step process, so I bought Patrick’s book Webify Your Business. I particularly liked his approach which came from being self-taught — and convinced me that I could learn from him.

Alice Cochran, author of Roberta’s Rules

The one take-away I had was the “raging water” symbolism. It really does give justice to how viral and quick the pace of things in social media — and how you need to throw yourself into the water and go with the flow. I also liked his case studies, which really drove home his points.

Neil Schaeffer, Windmill Networking

Patrick’s enthusiasm and passion for social media tools are infectious. Many thanks to BACN for a wonderful presentation which has inspired me to ACT.

Yael Schy, Dra­matic Strides Consulting

I loved listening to Patrick. He’s a font of wisdom about social networking. I’m close to posting my first YouTube video and I got some great ideas about tagging.

Marla Rosner, Corporate Trainer

What I liked about Patrick was that he comes to this stuff with the same skepticism as I do. He doesn’t preach, but rather shares his amazement that using Web 2.0 can actually be very helpful in establishing one’s personal visibility and respectability, and therefore ultimately one’s business. The credibility of his low-key, easy-going style made me want to look further into what he was telling us about – and buy his book!

Steven Tulsky, Benemetrics Consulting Group

I have seen Patrick present twice live. He has excellent content as well as delivery. His presentations are well organized, captivating, pertinent and actionable.

Diane Beck

I have been to numerous workshops with Patrick and have read his new book, Webify Your Business from cover to cover. Using his tools and information, I have increased the traffic to my site and my blog. His information has always been very practical, useful and timely!

Diana Morgan

Patrick is a well informed speaker that has a deep knowledge of his subject matter and amazing delivery skills.

Rick Rochon, Marketing Consultant

Patrick was AWESOME, I took well over 15 pages of notes. He was a plethora of useful, helpful information. He was well spoken & a great teacher & presenter. Look forward to future events & workshops 🙂

Colleen Perone

Patrick tells it like it is. His book ‘Webify Your Business’ is a down-and-dirty step-by-step practical guide for anyone who wants to get real with Social Media. Highly recommended.

Ian Griffin, Professional Speech Writer, Cisco Systems

Patrick is a wonderful, exciting, alive, fun, interesting speaker who happens to share a lot of excellent information within the Social Media realm. I heard him speak live and the entire audience was energized! I give him a two thumbs up!!

Leslie De Palo

Patrick’s presentations are always jam packed with TACTICS and TIPS you can take back to your office and apply to your business website or your social media strategy IMMEDIATELY. He is also a very good presenter and connects with his audience which puts every body on the edge of their seat waiting for the next NUGGET of info he is going to share with you.

Chrystal Bougon, Online Retailer

I attended a workshop that Patrick led this past weekend. It was fantastic. He is an engaging workshop leader and has a tremendous knowledge and experience in social media. I learned so much and had fun, too!

Michaela Hayes, Magazine Editor

Patrick is simply amazing. He has significantly elevated the quality of a monthly meetup networking group that I have been attending since January 2009. We routinely have 50+ members and this group provides a forum for us to network and build relationships. Speakers are consistently good, and Patrick recently added a great new feature—a social media moment. He’s the expert and is great about sharing his knowledge; he is helping all of us learn to use this channel to monetize our businesses. I am also working my way through his book, Webify Your Business. This book is brilliant. Short, succinct chapters with action items at the end of each chapter. I refer my clients and colleagues to this book and tell them that if they work through this, they will understand how to leverage electronic delivery to grow their businesses.

Janet Peishel, Business Coach

Patrick is a master presenter/teacher: funny, super knowledgeable and has a unique ability to compress years of info into an informative, entertaining presentation that you can actually put into action!

Alison Bliss, Web Developer

I have attended one of Patrick workshop. It was GREAT. Full of information and ideas of how it can apply to my situation and get more opportunity.

Janet Fung

Patrick is fun, engaging, and full of great information. Check out his YouTube presentations, and you will get a sense of his talent and knowledge. I attended one of his fabulous workshops. Good handouts, great ideas, well presented and well sequenced presentation! Try it, you’ll like it!

Tara Martin-Milius

I have attended many functions where Patrick has presented and feel he is excellent. He possesses great knowledge on his subject matter and presents it in a way that is clear, concise and motivates me to take action. He is FULL of ideas around internet marketing, search engine optimization and getting your website in front of others using social media. I highly recommend Patrick.

Michael Waters, Graphic Designer

Patrick did an exceptional job presenting an incredibly generous amount of information. He made the steps for utilizing Social Media to promote my business very clear and do-able. I would highly recommend Patrick’s work!

Chris Arcucci, Yoga Instructor

Patrick’s “Social Media Victories” was comprehensive, interesting, and delivered with passion. I walked away with a concrete plan that I began implementing within days of Patrick’s workshop. The information provided was so clear and so specific, anyone could take the content and be on their way to a massive internet presence.

Laurel Pine, Online Retailer

I am a complete novice with social media. I saw Patrick at the Pleasant Hill Chamber Brown Bag Series and he spoke on Social Networking in a dynamic and thoughtful way that made me want to learn more.

Barbara Norris

Patrick is an exceptional presenter. The guy knows his stuff and he knows how to teach it so that you can understand it too. He’s also a real genuine and generous person that you can’t help but enjoy being around.

Kristen Mahoney

I have attended Patrick’s seminars and, then, had him as a featured speaker at an event I sponsored. He was a hit. He provides a lot of content in a very short period of time…and he does it authentically. He will be great.

Thomas Loarie, Chairman of the Board, Mercador

Patrick does a masterful job of taking the complexity of social media scope and breadth and breaking it into bite size pieces that event the technology novice can understand. Attending Patrick’s seminar will open your eyes to solutions behind doors you didn’t even know were there. The mantra of success in a complex technological world is simplicity. Patrick takes the complex and makes it approachable.

Michael Breen, Corporate Branding Consultant

Patrick is an excellent, knowledgeable speaker. I attended an all-day social media seminar and learned Twitter, Linked In and FB tricks that I hadn’t discovered on my own.

V Kam

Patrick has become a real powerhouse in the industry. His knowledge, business sense and genuine personality have put him on top. I have him coming up to Madison, WI. on October 14th to give a one day seminar. Anyone reading this should consider bringing him to your city also. But, book him asap as he’s already in high demand (and for a good reason!)

Jim Edwards

Patrick’s knowledge and presentation is exceptional. His topics cover real world solutions which can be applied immediately. Attending his seminars or seeing his speak is amazing and a must for any business, large or small.

John Padlo, Graphic Designer

I’ve attended Patrick’s presentations. His extensive knowledge of social media and its practical business benefits are impressive. His quality presentation/materials and generosity put him a cut above most people in this field.

Marty Silberstein

I’ve attended Patrick’s presentations. He has a wealth of knowledge about how to succeed in a web business. His business name “Tactical Execution” is perfect because he shows us techniques to use in every area to drive business to a web site. Tactics are critical to success, and Patrick can explain them clearly.

Steven Book

I have seen Patrick speak on a number of occasions. All the attendees I have spoken with came away with something to help them in this new world of Webifying Your Business.

Reisa Jaffe

I attended this workshop and immediately began to implement the strategies. Patrick ties the whole picture of social networking for business together in a way that makes the content accessible. His is simply the best presentation of this material I have found. And I had been looking – hard – for over a year. I highly recommend Patrick and believe his workshop would be a great addition to the program.

Amy Sluss, Speaker & Trainer

Patrick is an excellent presenter. His passion for social media is quite contagious. His content is thought provoking and integrated in a very easy-to-follow and logical format. He is definitely a rising international speaker on Social Media.

Brenda Horton

I have seen Patrick speak. His topics are informative and interactive. He is very passionate about the subject matter and it shows in his presentation.

Erica O’Leary, Commercial Banking

We have hired Patrick to speak at two of the organizations that I am involved and there was not one unsatified customer in the house. He is truly an expert in his field and extremely engaging as a speaker. Great choice!

Karla Garcia, Corporate Trainer

I enjoyed Patrick’s seminar, “Webify Your Business, Internet Marketing Secrets for the Self-Employed.” Patrick is a very polished speaker. He is well-organized and concise; very personable and entertaining. He uses clear examples to help make sense of social networking.

Mitch Ashley

I’ve seen Patrick speak several times. He is consistently organized, clear and engaged with his audience. Always informative, frequently entertaining, Patrick delivers super relevant information and case studies that people can learn from and apply in their own business. SXSW attendees would be in for a treat!

Cheryl Liquori, Marketing Consultant

Patrick has great material and presents it well.

Les Bain

Patrick is a great speaker – I’ve heard him several times. Always something new. Great audience rapport. Real passion for his topic. He’d be a great addition!

Walter Feigenson, Online Marketing Consultant

I have heard Patrick speak. He is the best! He makes the hard easy to understand and is the clearest, most easy to listen to speaker you will ever hear.

Fred Sauberman

I am learning the true power of social media, and envision fantastic future exponential growth. The obvious is that great wealth will come if you position yourself properly now. Patrick has amazing amount knowledge with a deep understanding of to put it all together. I have rarely seen such in-depth knowledge and understanding of a subject matter by someone who also has the skill of wonderful presentation presence, teaching comprehensively and very plainly getting his points across. Patrick will draw a crowd, captivate the audience, and provide SXSW with great praise. Having Patrick in your corner at this stage will position you in front of the curve. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Dave Jackson

I’ve seen & heard Patrick just once, bought & read his book, checked out his website, and I plan to catch him at another seminar next month. He is very impressive — very well informed and up-to-date, a quick and effective teacher, an entertaining speaker, and his enthusiasm inspired the whole roomful of listeners, including the other speakers on the panel.

Robbie Schlosser

I’ve attended two of Patrick’s events and they were both excellent seminars. Patrick is a terrific speaker/presenter and a very helpful guy. His information is top rate and his style is friendly, professional and easy-going, with lots of opportunities for audience interaction and questions. He has a lot to offer and you would do well to include him in your program.

Karil Daniels

I am Patrick’s biggest fan! I stumbled onto his website quite by accident about a year ago. I signed up for his 52-week e-course and am loving it! Since signing up for the course he has compiled the information into a book “Webify your Business–Internet Marketing Secrets for the Self-Employed”. The book is awesome!!! Although due to proximity issues I have never personally attended an event where Patrick was speaking, I have listened to podcast and watched video clips of him. Patrick would make a great addition to your conference.

Cathleen Hoffman, Human Resources, Daisy Guns

Patrick is a dynamic speaker and I have thoroughly enjoyed and found quite useful his book about webifying your business. I highly recommend him.

Robert Burpee, Financial Advisor

Patrick is a very fun, exciting and knowledgeable presenter. He has great insight and loves to share.

Freda Jackson

I have attended several of Patrick’s seminars and workshops including one at Blue Shield of California. He is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate speakers on social media. He has motivated me to launch new endeavors for my own business’ online presence. Patrick has helped me immensely in setting up blogs and websites and developing a following. His knowledge of his subject matter is always current and at the cutting edge. I highly recommend him as a speaker.

Philip Lee, Insurance Agent

I have know Patrick for years and still feel the electricity around me from knowing him and the knowledge he brings to the table. He bring to the table, what you need to better understand the world of social media. Terrific speaker and a great motivator for your future.

Marvin Baida, Promotional Products Distributor

Excellent presenter with priceless content. I make it a point to see him when his presents in my area. You won’t be disappointed!

Lisa Lane

Tons of great content presented today. My head is spinning with the possibilities for not only marketing my own business, but also how to tap into the new social media marketplace for clients. I’m actually changing the focus of my business as a result of the information I learned today. Thank you, Patrick!

Elizabeth Rajs

Patrick, you did an awesome job! I believe I am probably as excited about social media as you are, and therefore it was so difficult not to be able to interact with you during the filming. All I could do was nod all day. 😉 Judging by the title of this seminar, I was afraid we would only hear about how companies have used social media. I was delighted to find full step-by-step instructions for the beginning and intermediate marketer brought to live by examples of how companies and individuals have used it instead. After such a successful seminar, I know the product will be excellent too and I would definitely recommend it. Good luck!


Patrick is an excellent presenter & a plethora of useful information. He went over Social Media thoroughly & highlighted every important detail & gave a plan for action to start immediately. Overall, I learned exactly what I went to learn & am very thankful to have been provided the necessary tools to start our massive internet identity campaign.

Colleen Perone

Wow, so much valuable content! And the price, can’t beat it! You really helped me to understand the true power of social media & how quickly you can connect with people all over the world. Also, busted the myth I had with regard to how much time I would have to devote to this new form of marketing ongoing.

Robin Upton

Fantastic, full of great information with real examples.


This training is first rate. I will use the twitter/linkediN/facebook/uTube material, absolutely. Some of the tips and tricks made me laugh, they were so powerful. I’m very experienced with high tech and websites, but I have zero marketing experience. Now I know where I want to start and I’m planning to blog and create video. It’s a little frightening but it always is when my business is growing. I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone with the video, for sure.

Cate Gandrud

Incredibly valuable information! Your business should improve dramatically with this approach. If you don’t know how to use social media and social networking, this class (or the DVD set of the class) is a must. Publish or perish takes on new meaning here! Patrick is an expert who is practical, tactical and engaging!

Tara Martin-Milius

Patrick completely over-delivered! An amazing amount of content, delivered in a way that made it all seem completely doable! Patrick – You rock my social media world!

Debra Russell, Artist Business Coach

I really appreciated the way that Patrick delivered the content in an effective, informative and fun way. Patrick has a natural ability to connect to his audience.

Kasey Brown

Excellent presentation. The material was very useful and Patrick gave a clear presentation. I was greatly impressed and it was well worth my time!

Rebecca Zuckerman

Patrick is real, fun, and he more than delivers. I got tons from his presentation. I plan to put it to use! Thanks Patrick for your generosity and wisdom.

Ruth Kellogg

Material was well organized, well presented and very informative. Great balance between theory and practical application. Loved the personal lessons learned. Would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone interested in using social media to build awareness for their business or not-for-profit organization.

Kathie Ketels-Lichtig

I got so much information my brain is on overload! I wish there would have been more time for questions, but I realize this was for a DVD filming so that wouldn’t have worked.

John DeKoven

A blitz kreig of outstanding information delivered with a sense of humor. People’s lives were changed today.

Mike Consol, Corporate Marketing Consultant

Patrick delivered a HUGE amount of valuable content that has me inspired to finally embrace social media to grow my business! I previously felt so overwhelmed and unsure of how to manage it all, and Patrick has laid out a clear, accessible, integrated system to not only participate efficiently but extremely effectively as well! Thanks for sharing Patrick, your passion and expertise are greatly appreciated!

Beth Allen

It’s great to be in a group of business owners — the energy is good and it’s great to be able to meet others who are eager to make a business work and share. It’s especially wonderful to have those like Patrick share their expertise. It gave me a lot to think about and aspire to.

Patricia Swanson

The session was fantastic. Patrick is very engaging and knows a great deal about the topic. I learned a lot. Patrick has a great presentation style. The pace was good. He presented a wealth of information in an easy-to-follow and understand manner. He made the information relevant and gave us a work plan for how we can engage in an integrated social media campaign in a practical manner without an excessive amount of work. He also told us how we can measure the impact of our social media campaigns and determine if we are meeting our goals. All-in-all, a remarkable workshop!

Michaela Hayes

It was engaging, packed with useful content, entertaining and very informative. Patrick has a knack for keeping the group engaged with his warm personality and expertise. This was a 7 hour class – not your usual meetup. His treatment of the material was so accessible and interesting, that the time just flew by. Highly recommended!


One of the best workshops I have even taken. Excellent, timely and critical content… truly like drinking water from a fire hose!

Kian Nobari

Informational. Insightful. Helped me to get a bigger picture of what is happening in the media networking avenues/social networking, and possibilities within the field. The presenter was clear in his points and delivery. Opportunity to meet others. I am grateful for the opportunity to have the experience. I think it will serve me as I go forward in my entrepreneurial activities.

Victoria Bianco

Patrick is fantastic and his material is accessible, and well organized and paced. In addition to the material, he gave participants some great suggestions to get started to take action. His approach and tone is open and comes form a place of service versus ego. He normalizes the experience of being a web/info immigrant and gives participants many ways to jump in and get their feet wet. He has an appealing manner for presenting- knowledgeable and self-effacing in a good way. Bonus: his charm and good looks.