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Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a leading authority on global business trends and is also passionate about positive psychology and the science of happiness. He’s the author of the award winning book “Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed” (2011, Wiley) and a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV. One of the primary trends reshaping our world is the do-it-yourself mentality. People are increasingly self-reliant and self-employment or contract work are representing a larger and larger share of our economy. As a result, business networking and other “soft skills” are becoming increasingly important in the marketing mix. Patrick has covered these soft skills at dozens of conferences, sharing the latest research into positive psychology and the impact it has on sales, productivity and employee turnover. If you need a speaker to address business networking at your upcoming event, Patrick will deliver the energy and buzz you’re looking for.

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The research is clear. Your mindset plays a HUGE role in your success. In sales training, they call it the “Law of State Transfer.” Your emotional state will tend to transfer to the person you’re speaking with. If you’re excited, the other person will get excited as well. If you’re frustrated, that will transfer as well. And if you’re confident in your product or service offering, that confidence will inspire confidence from your customers and prospects. It all begins with your mindset and your emotional state. Luckily, these factors can easily be molded and improved with the right direction and guidance. The road to BEING is through DOING. Patrick encourages attendees to adjust their routines to incorporate more happiness and confidence in their daily lives.

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Imagine two people walking into a room; similar people physically. But once inside, the first person practically glows in the dark while the second fades into the shadows. How are those two people actually different from each other? Which one is more likely to become successful? We all know the answer but the research behind it is insightful. Patrick introduces this research to lay the groundwork for his keynote presentation, sharing a variety of insightful studies as well as their implications for human interaction. By cultivating awareness of this research, behavior changes automatically the heightened self-awareness quickly translates into improved performance.

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There are four things that generally improve happiness. A sense of perceived CONTROL is the first. People like to have control over their own circumstances. The second is a sense of perceived PROGRESS. People are happier if they know they’re making progress towards their goals. The third is CONNECTION or relationships. We need positive human interaction to be happy. And the fourth is a sense of PURPOSE in our lives. We’re happier if we’re contributing to a cause greater than just ourselves. A simple awareness of these four building blocks to happiness allows most individuals to make adjustments and improvements almost immediately, thereby improving their mindset at the same time.


How to Improve at Business Networking

Practice makes perfect. The process of improving your business networking skills is a function of expanding your comfort zone. It’s not always easy to introduce yourself to someone at a business networking event, especially if it’s characterized by loud music or excessive background activity, but improvements can be made quickly. If you were to literally force yourself to say hello to 10 people, your last introduction would already be much better than your first. Human psychology reacts very quickly to these “stress” situations. The same is true for door-to-door sales. After knocking on just five or 10 doors, you already get desensitized to the rejection element, allowing your mind to focus instead on the actual dialog. Your increased comfort immediately comes across in the tone of your voice and that increases the odds that the other person will respond favorably. Business networking is just a matter of practice. The more you do it, the better you become.

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