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Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a professional keynote speaker who has headlined events for Bloomberg TV, Comcast Cable, Research in Motion (BlackBerry), Time Warner and United Healthcare among many others, and has invested countless hours into the science of impactful presentations. He has been recognized for his effective use of Powerpoint slides during his speeches and incorporates a wide variety of presentation techniques in his speeches. Effective communication is a science, and simple techniques like alliteration, triads and metaphors as well as strategic pauses during a speech can measurably increase comprehension during a presentation and retention thereafter. Because of his extensive experience with adult education, business training and professional keynoting, Patrick is the perfect speaker to educate and motivate your attendees with simple but powerful presentation strategies. More details are provided below.

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Powerpoint Slides for Managers

The vast majority of business presentations incorporate Powerpoint slides, yet most are built on horrible text-heavy formatting. This represents the single biggest opportunity for managers to improve their presentations. Powerpoint slides should be visual in nature. They should have no more than 5 or 10 words each, and nobody should ever read their presentation directly off of their slides. Even if the actual speaker is awful, an improvement in his (or her) slides will dramatically improve the effectiveness of his message. Patrick introduces attendees to some basic rules and guidelines that are guaranteed to transform their presentation slides for the better.

Powerpoint also offers significant flexibility with animations. Different visual elements on a single slide can build on top of each other, resulting in a visual story unfolding on the screen. Often, a few simple examples can empower attendees with new ideas and inspire them to take action. And of course, the allure of compelling presentation slides has led to new platforms including Prezi and Apple’s Keynote program. These new technology solutions expand the options yet further and Patrick can cover the various possibilities during his keynote program.


Keynote Speech on Presentation Skills

Presentations can take many different forms. They can play an integral role in the sales process. They are an important part of the training and development departments. They add visual clarity to venture funding pitches and/or quarterly shareholder meetings. Regardless of the primary need your audience is focused on, Patrick can offer dynamic suggestions that will help your attendees communicate their ideas better. He has taught his own Keynote Mastery program to many aspiring speakers and the program includes his proprietary Killer Keynote Template, designed specifically to ensure a convincing thought journey and a powerful close. All of these topics and many others can be incorporated into your program as well, so please provide any relevant details when you contact us.

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