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Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a leading authority on self-employment and a motivational speaker who caters directly to the exploding world of self-employment. Patrick is the author of the award-winning book Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed (2011, Wiley) and a regular keynote speaker for Bloomberg TV. He has keynoted conferences and conventions around the world, most for audiences full of self-employed service professionals, especially real estate agents, insurance brokers and financial planners. Examples include events for Keller Williams, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Bank of America Home Mortgage, dozens of Chambers of Commerce, San Francisco Writers Conference (SFWC), American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), Insurance Brokers and Agents (IBA), Cayman Islands Tourism Exchange (CITE) and Comcast Business Class among many others. His philosophy on the growing self-employment movement is described in more detail below.

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The ranks of the self-employed are exploding. Traditional W-2 employment is more and more competitive every year and no longer guarantees a stable career or retirement for employees. Professionals are increasingly turning to self-employment to build their own careers and maintain some control over it’s development. At the same time, technology solutions including the internet and social media are dramatically expanding the opportunities for self-employed service professionals. Never before has it been easier to position yourself as an expert and an authority within your field. Blogging and content generation allow newly self-employed practitioners to steel customers away from established industry giants, and it’s happening in every single industry!

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Patrick’s keynote programs focus on this enormous opportunity and precisely how to capitalize on the trends. While most people are wasting time, a select few are leveraging simple but powerful strategies to explode their businesses, virtually overnight. Patrick focuses on those success stories and more importantly, what they have in common. It’s amazing and extremely eye-opening to see that most of these stories mirror each other, not only in structure but also in implementation. Patrick’s keynote speech ends with a “winning formula” that virtually anybody can use to dramatically increase the effectiveness of their online marketing and engagement activities. Bring Patrick into your upcoming event and let him motivate and inspire your self-employed attendees with the unparalleled opportunities of our time!


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Audiences of self-employed service professionals immediately recognize Patrick as one of their own. Patrick has been self-employed since 2002 and is well aware of the struggles (both financial and emotional) involved. On top of his expertise on social media and innovative online marketing channels, Patrick is also passionate about positive psychology and the science of happiness, making him an ideal speaker to motivate and inspire your attendees. He recently spoke to a group of self-employed professionals in Sacramento and shared his monthly credit card balances with them, leading to an honest and personal session that touched the attendees in an extremely intimate way. That video is included below along with another one about thinking bigger.


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