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Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a leading authority on business trends and online marketing, making him an ideal speaker on the exploding “voice of the customer” trend. Between the “Net Promoter System”, “the ultimate question” and customer satisfaction surveys, companies big and small are looking to their customers as their most important salespeople. How likely are you to recommend our product or service to your friends and family? Those who select 9 or 10 (out of a 10-point scale) are the most valuable customers you have, and it’s worth investing significant resources to ensure they’re absolutely thrilled with your value proposition. It all boils down to positive word-of-mouth advertising and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are increasingly the medium by which those referrals and recommendations are taking place. If you’re looking for a high-level strategic keynote on the Net Promoter Score movement, Patrick’s expertise and dynamic speaking style make him a perfect choice for your closing general session. More information is included below.

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Net Promoter Score Keynote Speech

Patrick’s “net promoter” keynote program begins with a series of examples where businesses “went viral” and exploded on the backs of customer referrals. It’s important for marketing executives to understand exactly how powerful the voice of the customer can be. Patrick also distills these marketing success stories into a series of themes that are common among them, offering attendees specific tactics they can implement immediately to increase the likelihood that their customers will help them spread the word. This portion alone will have your attendees taking notes!

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The second part of Patrick’s “voice of the customer” keynote speech introduces the Net Promoter System (NPS) and how it is being implemented and leveraged by innovative businesses. How can the ultimate question be asked seamlessly during the sales cycle? What can be done to empower your net promoters with compelling content? What other strategies exist to engage net promoters in a meaningful way? And what does all this mean for the future of marketing? Patrick Schwerdtfeger has the broad marketing background and the online expertise to deliver actionable content about the growing net promoter movement. Even better, he’ll deliver it in a dynamic and entertaining way, adding excitement and buzz to your upcoming event.


Overview of the Net Promoter System

Stop focusing on profitability. Instead, focus on operational excellence and empowering your net promoters. Operational excellence is essential; no question. But beyond that, the #1 priority is to identify and empower your net promoters, and keep them referring new prospects for years into the future. Identify and invest in these valuable customers and the rest will take care of itself. In today’s social business environment, operational excellence and the voice of the customer will deliver success.

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