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Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a leading authority on global business trends and has used demographic data to model different generations within the United States (and other major markets around the world) and predict market trends for age-specific consumer products and services. Demographic market research is most relevant when conducted within a specific country or region with a high percentage of consumer spending. For example, consumer spending in America accounts for over 70% of GDP. In China, that percentage is closer to 30% because so much of their economy is driven by business infrastructure investment. Demographic research can help predict consumer spending (and is therefore extremely useful in the USA) but is less indicative of the other components of GDP. Patrick is a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV and the author of the award-winning book “Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed” (Wiley, 2011). He delivered his first TEDx Talk on “Learned Intuition” in August 2012 and has spoken at business events and conventions around the world.

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Every country has higher and lower birth trends over time. In America and Europe, we had a significant “baby boom” after World War II. In Japan, they had a “baby bust” during the same time period. Generation X is about 11% smaller than the Baby Boomers and Generation Y (also called the Millennial Generation) is the largest generation in US history. After all, they’re the children of the Baby Boomers!

Since people purchase certain types of products (engagement rings, baby toys, cars, houses and luxury mattresses) predictably throughout their lives, these baby booms and baby busts can be used to predict market conditions for all sorts of industries. This adds an additional layer of clarity for corporate directors and marketing executives who wish to leverage “generational marketing” to plan product launches and capitalize on growing markets. It also adds clarity for investors looking to ride the waves of expanding markets while avoiding the troughs of shrinking ones.


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Fertility rates drop as the education level increases. And since access to education is expanding around the world, population increases are expected to slow from their current levels. But looking at the globe currently, there are two primary groups that are still having big families: Latino Christians (and also Catholics in the Philippines) and Muslims. In both cases, fertility rates remain high and the population is growing quickly, dominated my young people. That means both (1) economic expansion is coming and (2) some social unrest is likely.

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Anyway, these “youth bulges” also present massive marketing opportunities for companies who sell products targeting those age brackets. The beauty of demographic market research is that it can easily be applied to countries around the world before any investments are made. Patrick can customize his presentation for the precise market of interest to your audience, offering case histories from other companies in other countries who have capitalized on the same “baby boom” phenomenon.

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