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Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a leading authority on global business trends including marketing automation, ‘big data’ analytics and the social media revolution. He’s a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV and is the author of the award-winning book “Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed” (Wiley, 2011). Patrick has spoken about predictive analytics, ‘big data’ and modern marketing software at conventions and business events around the world. He structures his keynote programs around case histories, highlighting what others have done to achieve success with the technology in question; marketing in this case. So if you need a dynamic speaker to introduce your audience to the exploding field of marketing automation (including platforms like Salesforce, Marketo, Infusionsoft, SAP and Optify among many others), Patrick will deliver the topic with insight and buzz.

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Marketing, sales and business in general are increasingly data and software driven. As data processing, bandwidth and storage have come down in price, marketing software solutions have evolved to automate many of the basic repetitive tasks that comprise an effective marketing strategy. Email marketing services (including email autoresponders) allow companies to stay in touch with prospects and customers without any day-to-day effort involved. Meanwhile, data analytics allow them to understand their customers better than ever before, tailoring marketing solutions for each individual consumer. The result is an increasingly intuitive sales process and higher productivity among salespeople.


Keynote Speech: Increase Sales with Marketing Automation

There are a number of marketing automation software platforms available. Salesforce.com, Infusionsoft and Marketo are among the best known but the field is becoming increasingly competitive. They are often referred to as CRM platforms (customer relationship management) and allow companies to automate marketing functions while facilitating conversion optimization through data aggregation and analytics. Patrick’s keynote program focuses on the opportunities behind marketing automation and not the specific features of individual marketing automation solutions (because they change and evolve constantly) but his explanations and perspective are guaranteed to leave your attendees feeling educated, enlightened and empowered.

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The driving focus behind modern software development is the UI or user interface. Earlier versions of CRM solutions were difficult to set up and configure. They were confusing to use. These challenges are quickly fading away as the platforms are evolving. Meanwhile, they are also coming down in price, allowing mid-sized and even small businesses to leverage the opportunities of marketing automation without breaking the bank. As time passes, it will become increasingly difficult for companies to compete without using email marketing services and marketing automation platforms. They offer enormous revenue opportunities today but will become ubiquitous tomorrow.


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Conversion optimization and split A/B testing have revealed countless insights into unconscious human behaviors and this data is leading to increasingly intuitive sales processes. The objective is to deliver the smoothest and quickest sales experience possible. At the highest level, marketing automation software allows companies to remove all the “push” elements from their sales process and replace them with “pull” elements. Prospects and customers should be ready and willing to purchase the product (or service) if the relationship was forged and cultivated properly. While marketing automation platforms deliver the technology, it’s the management and executives who will inevitably analyze the data and adjust their sales funnels accordingly. Done properly, it spells an unrivaled opportunity to earn customer loyalty and profits at the same time!

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