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Patrick Schwerdtfeger is an author and motivational speaker who specializes in the exploding self-employment trend and the associated opportunities on today’s social internet. His programs are motivational and his message is one of empowerment and opportunity. Patrick’s biggest claim to fame is that he really has no claim to fame! That’s what makes his programs so inspiring. Most speakers have an amazing accomplishment in their back pocket. That’s how they got started. And as motivating as some of those stories are, they also imply that success requires some superhuman quality that most people simply don’t possess.

That’s not the case with Patrick. He’s an ordinary guy, that’s for sure. But he kept at it, working away trying new things, accumulating one tiny victory after another, until the momentum became unstoppable. Consistency is the key. All of the other obstacles have faded away. You don’t have to go to Harvard. You don’t have be one ethnicity or another. You don’t have to be rich or have crazy connections. The only thing you need is consistency. If you provide good quality content on a consistent basis, you WILL get noticed. If Patrick can do it, anyone can. That’s the message and the take-aways are full of tips and tricks to accelerate the process.

Patrick’s Motivational Books and Resources

Patrick’s books include Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed (2011, Wiley & Sons, Inc.), Webify Your Business: Internet Secrets for the Self-Employed (2009) and Make Yourself Useful: Marketing in the 21st Century (2008). He is a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV and has spoken about small business marketing and the social media revolution at business events and conventions around the world. He has also written a variety of shorter booklets and manuals to show aspiring entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground quickly.

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Patrick is one of the best motivational speakers in the country. His programs get extremely strong reviews and his programs are frequently rated among the top conference speakers. There are, of course, many motivational speakers that have been around for years and years, including legends like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown and Brian Tracy to name a few. But these older speakers don’t pack the punch that they once did and meanwhile, their speaking fees are higher than ever! Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a new and fresh face in the industry, and his message is modern and contemporary.




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Difference Between Motivation and Inspiration

The difference between motivation and inspiration is that motivation encourages people to do what they already know they should be doing while inspiration encourages people to do things they have never thought of doing before. That’s why motivational programs are so often associated with sales events. Salespeople know what they should be doing. They just don’t do it! But regardless of the theme of your event, Patrick’s motivational keynote will focus on case histories and results, leaving attendees with renewed enthusiasm for their personal goals and objectives.

Summary of Patrick’s Motivational Message

Patrick’s primary message is that there has never been a time when such small tasks, done consistently, produce such huge results. All the traditional obstacles have faded away. You no longer have to go to the best schools. You no longer have to come from a wealthy family. These days, the only remaining obstacle is consistency. Go to the gym in January and it’s packed. Go in March and it’s empty. That’s the problem. Patrick’s motivational keynote programs focus on the dirty little tricks and juicy little secrets that can transform a regular person into a recognized expert in record time.