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Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a leading authority on business trends including Big Data, social media and other exponential technologies. He’s the author of the award-winning book Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed (2011, Wiley) and a regular keynote speaker for Bloomberg TV. Patrick has covered technology at conventions and business events around the world and is passionate about the exponential nature of digital technologies, including 3D printing, robotics, autonomous vehicles (like drones), ubiquitous internet access, mobile smartphones and solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. If your event is designed to energize attendees with the jaw-dropping possibilities of modern technology, Patrick is the perfect speaker to open the program. His keynote presentation on exponential technologies features inspiring case histories where technology is changing the world for the better, and it concludes with his signature ‘think bigger’ message. Indeed, there has never been a better time to think big!

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Technology Keynote Speech about Moore’s Law

Once a product or service is delivered digitally, it starts evolving along an exponential curve. Many people refer to this phenomenon as Moore’s Law after Gordon Moore’s prediction back in 1965 that the number of transistors on a circuit board would double every year. In their book “BOLD: How to Go Big, Make Bank and Better the World”, Peter Diamondis and Steven Kotler break down the process even further, identifying six (6) steps these technologies go through culminating in the demonetization and democratization of the product or service. At first, this exponential evolution doesn’t seem like much. But after those early stages, the exponential growth starts to eclipse previous technologies quickly, rendering them useless in short order. In his book “The Second Machine Age”, Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson describe this as the second half of the chess board.

Some of the early examples of this exponential process include the computer replacing the electric typewriter and digital photography replacing photographic film, but countless other examples have followed. Facebook and Google are both experimenting with innovative methods to deliver internet access around the world. Facebook is considering solar-powered planes while Google is looking at high-altitude balloons. IBM’s Watson computer is being made available over the internet and public cloud-based storage facilities are becoming an enabling technology to Big Data analytics. In robotics, the new Baxter robot is bringing automation to small manufacturing and assembly operations and the ‘double’ robot is allowing experts to deliver advice without being present. Honda’s Asimo robot is making progress and even camel racing is now dominated by eight-pound robotic jockeys.

Autonomous vehicles are making a splash as well. America’s “war on terror” has been using military drones in far away lands while Amazon refines the use of delivery drones here at home. Google is perfecting their self-driving cars while the now-Google-owned Boston Dynamics refines their ‘big dog’ robot among many other robotic applications. 3D printers are revolutionizing prototyping and additive manufacturing, both here and up in the International Space Station (ISS) while crowd-sourcing automobile company Local Motors has designed and developed the first 3D printed car. The cost of photovoltaic solar panels is plummeting and the atomic-scale pure carbon graphene material is transforming the fabrication of microprocessors and the future filtration of water. Indeed, exponential technologies are optimizing our planet.

Thinking at Scale: Motivational Speaker

The above mentioned examples of exponential technologies are enough, in themselves, to inspire audiences who are passionate about progress, but Patrick goes a step further by introducing his ‘think bigger’ message and the science of ambitious goals. In particular, three (3) things tend to happen when you embrace massive goals. First, your life is a lot more exciting and research shows that happy motivated people are far more likely to succeed. Second, you inspire everyone else around you including your family & friends, your employees, your customers, your investors and even your competitors. And third, you end up with far less competition because very few people have the audacity to chase such ambitious business goals. Thinking bigger is the perfect closing message to a keynote about exponential technologies and Patrick is the perfect speaker to deliver that excitement and buzz to your upcoming event!

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