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Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a business futurist specializing in emerging technologies including big data, the IoT, cloud and edge computing, and machine learning. He has authored five business books and is a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV. Patrick is the author of “Anarchy, Inc.: Profiting in a Decentralized World with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain” (2018, Authority Publishing) and has lectured at numerous academic institutions including Stanford and Purdue Universities. He has covered technology trends since 2007 and has a broad understanding of data analytics, exponential technologies, and disruptive innovation. Edge computing and sky computing are both emerging trends that work in conjunction with software virtualization to bring computing power closer to the customer. One could envision a future where ubiquitous computing power will be available everywhere, leaving software as the only differentiator between competing providers. Companies need to stay abreast of these developments to ensure they don’t get disrupted and displaced by more forward-looking competitors.

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Amazon was one of the first companies to develop and leverage cloud computing, and they have now been joined by countless providers including IBM, Oracle, Microsoft Azure, and Google. Since about 2015, however, we’ve seen a trend towards edge computing. Edge computing refers to smaller data centers and processing capabilities that exist closer to the enduser. For example, Microsoft has been experimenting with their Project Natick which involves underwater data centers that can be moored under water, directly beside major population centers like New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, not to mention the dozens of water bordering cities around the world. By providing processing power so close to the customer, companies can reduce latency while diversifying their CPU stack across more locations. This allows businesses to centralize only core processing in distant data centers while keeping peripheral tasks “at the edge.”


The Future of Edge Computing Data Centers

As the cost of data processing continues to come down, it’s inevitable that it will be made available in more and more forms. Large data centers will continue to exist, but a wide variety of data centers “on the edge” and even processing within mobile devices themselves will account for a larger share of the business. It’s also inevitable that the demand for data processing capacity will continue to grow, so a larger pool of processing options is warranted and, indeed, essential. This will all result in a broad suite of CPU options with individual companies increasingly outsourcing their requirements to cloud providers.
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Patrick builds his keynote presentations with case histories, success stories, and use cases. He looks for Proofs of Concept (POCs) and pilot programs where edge computing technologies have generated positive return on investment (ROI). Patrick follows the above industry leaders to stay abreast of developments in the edge computing and sky computing field, including developments in virtualization in software development. If you are interested in engaging him for your upcoming event, a pre-event call will be scheduled to discuss your preferred topic area and program possibilities in more detail.
Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a keynote speaker who has spoken at business conferences in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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