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Patrick Schwerdtfeger is available to speak in Bogota as a leading authority on global business trends including ‘big data’ and the social media revolution. He delivered his Monetizing Big Data keynote program for the Asociacion Colombiana de Contact Centers y BPO in Bogota in May 2014 and is eager to contribute to other events in Colombia. Patrick is the author of the award-winning book Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed (2011, Wiley) and a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV. If you’re planning a business conference at the Bogota Plaza Summit Hotel on Calle 100 No 18A 30, the new Bogota Congress Colombia Convention Center, Hotel Estelar Suites Jones in Cundinamarca, the Cosmos 100 Hotel & Convention Center on Avenida Calle 100 or some other convention space in Bogota, Colombia, Patrick will deliver the excitement and buzz you’re looking for.

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Bogota has many conference facilities, including:

  • Bogota Marriott Hotel on Avenue El Dorado
  • Holiday Inn Bogota on Avenida Calle 26
  • Lancaster House on Paralela Autonorte
  • Embassy Suites on Calle 70
  • Hotel Cosmos 100 on Avenida Calle 100
  • Other meeting spaces in Chapinero, Barrios Unidos and Puente Aranda


General Information about Bogota, Colombia, for Meeting Planners

Bogota is the largest city of Colombia with over 9.6 million inhabitants as of 2010. It is the capital of the department of Cundinamarca and is labeled as “The Athens of South America” for its notable libraries and universities. It is a huge city that lies in the Savanna of Bogotá in the heart of Colombia. Serving as Colombia’s economic center, Bogota houses several multinational companies including Indra, Unisys, AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Wyeth. In 2011, Bogota hosted the FIFA Under-20 World Cup and the World Barista Championship. For business travelers, convention and conference facilities in Bogota include the Bogota International Convention Center and Corferias International Business and Exhibition Center. Here is Patrick’s economic forecast for Colombia.


2014 Business Conventions in Bogota, Colombia

During 2014, Bogota will play host to dozens of business conferences. LGBT Confex will host LGBT Confex Colombia’s Business Summit 2014, in October at the Centro Empresarial Chapinero in Paseo La Marina Norte. The 2014 Latin American Distribution Seminar, hosted by Fasecolda will be held in April at Radisson Royal Bogota Hotel in Cundinamarca. The 9th International Design & Emotion Conference, hosted by Filippo Salustri will be held on a date yet to be announced at Universidad de Los Andes in Carrera Primera. In May, The Trade Winds Business Development Conference, hosted by the U.S Commercial Service will be held Bogota.

2013 Business Conferences in Bogota, Colombia

A number of conferences and symposiums will be hosted in Bogota. Some of the larger meetings include the Pan-American Conference on Unsaturated Soils hosted by Universidad de los Andes which will be held in February at Cartagena de Indias Convention Center. In addition, CODATA (Germany, the German National Committee on Data for Science and Technology) will host the International Interdisciplinary CODATA Conference on Environmental Information and Communication Achieving Sustainability Goals through Knowledge Sharing in February at COSMOS 100 Hotel and Convention Center. Furthermore, the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy will host their 7th Conference at the Universidad de los Andes in May, while Americas Society Council of the Americas will host the 2013 Latin American Cities Conferences in June at Bogota Crowne Plaza Tequendama.

Speaking Opportunities for Aspiring Speakers in Bogota

Bogota Toastmasters clubs are a great place for Colombia aspiring speakers to practice their craft. Oradores en Espanol Bogota meets at Edificio City Business – salon Zues on Transversal 23 (Wednesday at 8:00 PM), Toastmasters Bogota meets at Salón Zeus on Transversal 23 (Tuesday at 7:50 PM) and OracleDirect Colombia meets at Oracle Direct Colombia Office on Calle 108 (Tuesday at 12:00 PM).

Bogota Food Choices for Convention Attendees

If you’re attending a business conference in Bogota, Colombia, take the opportunity to check out a few of the local hotspots. Run by a group of childhood friends, Donosta (Phone: 01-287-3943) at Calle 29 BIS No 5-84 in La Macarena is home to native Colombian dishes with a Mediterranean twist. Restaurante La Pola (Phone: 01-566-5654) at Calle 19 No 1-85 is an old-style Colombian restaurant serving carne a la criolla (beefsteak) and ajiaco (soup with chicken, corn, and potato). Serving Belgian beers, Dutch cheese, and beef in Indonesian peanut sauce, Tapas Macarena (Phone: 01-243-9004) at Carrera 4A No 26-01 is a unique tapas run by a Dutch and Colombian couple. Comida Mexican al Pastor (Phone: 1300-561-2021) at Carrera 12 No 83-47 in Zona Rosa is a classic Mexican diner with nachos, quesadillas and tacos.

Bogota Attractions for Conference Delegates

After attending a business conference in Bogota, capital of Colombia, take some time to visit Mount Monserrate, the Museo Nacional, the Laguna De Guatavita and the Golden Museum. Hills of Monserrate situated 3.7 KM away from the city centre provide a perfect scenic view of the city and even beyond it. The Museo Nacional is the oldest museum in the city with an impressive collection of artifacts and is located in the heart of Bogota. Laguna De Guatavita is a beautiful lake in Bogota from where the legend of El Dorado is believed to be originated. And finally, the Golden Museum has an extensive collection of ancient artifacts, all beautifully restored and carefully maintained.

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