Patrick Schwerdtfeger started his Strategic Business Insights video blog in March 2013 and has published at least one video every week since. They cover a wide variety of business subjects including macro geopolitical topics and micro personal development topics. As a result of this diverse array of topics, he is invited to address an equally wide variety of topics in his keynote appearances. Patrick specializes in global business trends including ‘big data’, shifting demographics and the social media revolution but his passions include all the personal development topics associated with exploiting these trends.

If you are interested in booking Patrick to speak at your upcoming event, please visit the video blog and browse through the video topics. It will quickly give you an idea of the topics Patrick is passionate about and also provide examples of his approach and delivery. With sufficient notice, Patrick is happy to customize a keynote presentation to compliment your event objectives.

Patrick generally builds his keynote programs on case histories and success stories. People love stories and they are generally the most effective way communicating a message. Indeed, the Havard Business School uses the case history method for the MBA program. Whether the topic involves technology, trends or personal achievement, Patrick will look for case histories that exemplify the learning point and support his message. Some of the topics he has covered in the past include:

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Patrick Schwerdtfeger has spoken about global business trends at conferences and business events around the world, including the following destinations: